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Terri Kwan

3T Financial Services Inc.
Community Champion | Markham, ON
Leading with heart

Terri Kwan will tell you that a successful career isn’t defined by money. “You need two very important things to thrive,” she says, “a heart to help and the ability to help.” It’s exactly this sentiment that motivates her approach with clients.

Terri invests two to three hours with each new client to understand their pain points and to discover where she can add value. Because Terri works with high-net-worth individuals who are intelligent and successful in their fields, she focuses on applying her experience and expertise to fill in the gaps. She offers a range of services to ensure her clients get the support they need.

“I consider my clients’ core values and create a customized plan that aligns with their goals. Once my clients are happy, I’m happy.”

Creating a sense of comfort and trust has turned many of her clients into close friends and has cultivated a business supported by referrals. Terri prefers a face-to-face approach, making herself available to clients whenever they need her. Working through a pandemic has changed that somewhat—as in-person conversations have migrated to phone and video platforms—but her commitment to staying connected with clients hasn’t wavered.

While she has only been partnered with Financial Horizons Group for one year, Terri has already noticed a positive impact on her business. “I think it’s great that Financial Horizons Group always wants to hear from advisors to learn and improve. It feels good to know they’re always there and committed to offering support, in addition to providing regular training and the most up-to-date industry information.”

As a busy mother, wife and business owner, Terri still finds time to stay active in her community. She has been a long-time sponsor of the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant as Lecturer of Wealth Management, and recently joined the Fortune Leadership Council, which raises funds for the Markham Stouffville Hospital and helps the York Region Chinese community. Terri also supports a charitable trust that helps emerging business owners.

In all of her pursuits, it’s clear that Terri leads with heart. She recalls a piece of advice she heard at an industry seminar about always choosing to be kind. “A lot of people are smart and successful” she says, “but to be smart and kind, is gold.”

Allan Burgoyne

A.M. Burgoyne Insurance Associates Inc.
Community Champion | Charlottetown, PEI
Family first

When speaking with Allan Burgoyne, one thing is clear—family is everything.

Allan is a true islander and has lived on Canada’s east coast his entire life. His voice perks up when he talks about his wife, three sons, and being near the water. “When my middle son was in grade four, he wrote me a letter declaring he would one day be my business partner,” he shares. Today, two of Allan’s sons work alongside him at Burgoyne Insurance, adding what he describes as a “whole other level” to the business.

Allan attributes much of his success to having a natural “gift for gab” and ability to connect through conversation. He has been asked for business advice many times over the years and happily shares his insight—but while knowledge and application can be mimicked, the delivery will always be unique to the person delivering. In this way, his charismatic personality has taken him far.

Financial Horizons Group has been instrumental in Burgoyne’s career—his relationship with the company has deep roots. The story starts with three independent advisors who didn’t like where things were headed, so they partnered up with Financial Horizons Group.

Those three agents were Allan Burgoyne, Terry Thorne and Chris Valardo, current President of Ontario & Atlantic Regions and National Accounts for Financial Horizons Group. “I feel very lucky to have such a close relationship with a company that treats my business, and every agent’s business, like it’s their own.”

Having been in the industry since 1989, Allan has seen a lot. From pivoting through changes to stop-loss rules and demutualization in 2017, to now navigating the 2020 pandemic.

“Our insurance business came to a complete stop in March when providers stopped doing medicals. We were able to keep things going through the wealth management side of the business that my sons have been growing.” His sons have also helped advance the business from a technological perspective.

Burgoyne Insurance is well known in the community and gives-back generously. They support various charities in Prince Edward Island year-round and connect with the local school board to anonymously support families in need at Christmas. Allan also sits on the Board for Holland College, supports initiatives for international students, and is heavily involved in the Special Olympics.

One thing that may surprise you about Allan? “I’m actually very shy” he says. Judging by his welcoming and charismatic nature, you’d never know.

Angela Cao

Canadian Wealth Express Consulting Inc.
Community Champion | Richmond, BC
A practice built on gratitude

Angela Cao describes her career as being guided by gratitude and faith. Having a focus on helping others has impacted her success, her relationships, and her position in the insurance industry.

After completing her MBA at one of China’s top universities, Angela established herself as a leader in real estate, but eventually felt a pull to ‘do more.’ She emigrated from China to British Columbia in 2000, and soon after an advisor introduced her to a Whole Life product. She was immediately impressed. She still holds her policy with that same advisor, who remains a dear friend.

Angela obtained her insurance license in 2002 and built her initial book of business through volunteering to help Chinese immigrants settle in Canada. Having been through the process, she wanted to support others.

Angela sums up her personal philosophy in one key phrase: professionalism first, followed by integrity, honesty and sincerity. She appreciates that Financial Horizons Group supports these core values.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep building and learning from the foundation Financial Horizons Group has built. They offer exceptional events, a resourceful website, and their team members are all very friendly and knowledgeable.”

Throughout the pandemic, Angela has approached this new challenge with her usual optimism. “Things are always changing in the economy, the financial industry, and in life. No matter what life throws at me, I try my best to find the positives, and then quickly adapt and make it work.” With everything slowing down, as a result of the pandemic, Angela has found that clients have more time to think about insurance and are more receptive to receiving calls to talk about it. Now, instead of connecting with clients over dinners on the town, she makes time to cook them homemade specialties like her renowned cheesecake.

Angela has always made giving back a priority. She’s a 13-time member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), with nine of those being Top of the Table, a long-time donor and Platinum Knight of the MDRT Foundation, a member of Rotary Centennial Vancouver, a volunteer fundraiser for various charities, and a supporter of education initiatives that help students in financial need.

Reflecting on what success means to her today, Angela circles back to her beginnings—practicing faith, gratitude, and doing her best without giving up her core values.

Janea Dieno

Brightrock Financial
Community Champion | Saskatoon, SK
More than a business, a family

As a young girl, Janea Dieno often listened to her father and uncle ‘talk stocks’ over wine at the kitchen table and she hung onto every word. At the time, she had no idea that exciting world would become such a prominent part of her future. Janea went on to a successful career in sales and marketing, but eventually was ready for change. When her uncle suggested she give the financial industry a try, she took the leap.

Janea started out at her uncle’s Managing General Agency (MGA) where she made cold calls to sell insurance and quickly knew she had found her calling. She grew a book of business and eventually became a Certified Financial Planner.

In 2015, Financial Horizons Group acquired her uncle’s MGA and turned her small family business into a bigger ‘family’ business. “Financial Horizons Group has been great,” Janea says, “they help smaller businesses evolve into being more corporate minded. They’re established, credible, and backed by fantastic experience.”

Janea believes one of her greatest assets is helping clients develop a good relationship with cash flow. She starts every plan by educating her clients about spending so they can understand their current situation and set goals for the future.

Janea’s home community of Saskatoon is rich in natural resources and many of her clients are affected by being dependent on pipelines and railway systems. She makes a point of always coming to the table educated and with a genuine interest in the challenges her clients are facing. “I develop trust by being genuine, authentic and relatable. Anything I recommend to my clients I have considered for my own portfolio – I believe in what I’m doing and make sure I communicate that.”

When she isn’t relating to clients through business, Janea is often connecting with them in the community. She’s been involved with READ Saskatoon for 15 years and is passionate about supporting adult literacy. “It is hard to believe that one in three adults struggle with literacy on a daily basis. Imagine the barriers it places in front of employment, managing their finances, and helping their children with schoolwork. I am proud to be a part of the change READ Saskatoon provides to our province and city.”

Trevor Watters

Watters Financial
Community Champion | Winchester, ON
Building connections through deep community roots

Connecting with clients at a community level has been a key driver in the success of Watters Financial. In his small farming township of Winchester, Ontario, Trevor Watters takes every opportunity to get involved. “There’s a flavour of life here that I really relish, I try to give back as much as I can,” he says. Watters participates in annual community events like Rib Fest and Bike Night, and even teamed up with his staff to bake and hand-out 300 cupcakes on Cupcake Day. He is an avid supporter of the Ottawa Valley Aid for Chernobyl Children (OVACC) and hosts a child from Belarus in his home each summer.

Trevor prides himself on having regular face-to-face contact with each of his clients in order to get to know them on a personal level and build trust. He’s seen technology bring incredible changes in terms of clients accessing financial information online and continues to take an education-first approach. When it comes to helping clients understand what’s reliable and reasonable, Watters says, “education is key.”

Recognizing that many people get nervous when it comes to finances, he focuses on clients’ goals, what’s worked in the past, and where they want to be in the future.
Trevor appreciates that Financial Horizons Group keeps a pulse on the industry and offers regular training to support current trends. “Working with Financial Horizons Group, I get access to a larger range of wholesalers, companies, specialized products, and tax and legal experts, which is all a huge benefit to my clients,” he says.

He believes that at some point in life, everyone needs someone like him—a voice of experience with a holistic understanding of the financial landscape—and that investing in ongoing training and always making time for a client’s call, yields the greatest return.

What’s next for Watters? He recently announced that his son Lucas has joined the business to focus on insurance. “Financial Horizons Group has been providing Lucas with excellent training and I’m so proud to be sharing this with him.” The community has already come to know and love Trevor’s French Bulldog, Wolfgang—whose presence in the office quickly earned him the role of company mascot—and now with Lucas joining the team, they’ll have another great reason to drop in and say hello.

Natasha Brazeau

Coughlin & Associates Ltd.
Community Champion | Ottawa, ON / Gatineau, QC
Success through the value of convenience

Mentors can have a great impact on your career path and your life, and that’s just what happened with Natasha Brazeau. A dear friend once gave her this empowering advice, “Surround yourself with successful people so you can continuously learn from others and improve in every aspect of your life, both professionally and personally.” These words have stayed with her through the years. Today she lives that advice by seeking out professional development opportunities and is always on the lookout for the opportunity to learn from her peers.

Natasha’s passion towards mentorship extends to her local community. She stays active in women’s business groups and takes opportunities to mentor women whenever possible. It’s often those who have been positively impacted by others who are able and willing to give back.

In her business, Natasha’s focus is to truly understand the financial needs of her clients. “I take pride in being able to offer the best solution to address my clients’ needs – helping them achieve their financial goals for themselves, their families,” she says.

Every client is different. Different goals, different willingness to take risks in the marketplace. As such, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Natasha’s commitment to knowing her clients helps to tailor a customized approach for each of them, at each stage in their life. She remarks, “the most important skill for any financial advisor—whether they specialize in wealth management, insurance or are holistic planners—is to listen to your clients. Ask them questions. Get to know them. Truly hear what they are saying.”

“Since, working with Coughlin & Associates, People Corporation and Financial Horizons Group, I have found partners that allow me to offer the best options to my clients, access to tools and expertise. They help me to support the unique needs of my clients. There’s nothing more important.”

As Natasha looks to the future, she sees an ever changing landscape. Years ago, Natasha had adapted and optimized the use of technology and alternative solutions. Now, clients realize the value of convenience and look to purchase in a similar fashion to Amazon or eBay. Speed and convenience are essential – the use of technology and alternative solutions, both open more doors and create additional business opportunities. One thing will always be paramount, one thing will never change: advisors need to listen to their clients.

We live where you live. To recognize the commitment of these financial advisors to their communities, Financial Horizons Group has made a charitable donation in their name.

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